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Johnson City District

of the United Methodist Church

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Welcome to Johnson City District online 

The Johnson City District consists of 66 United Methodist congregations in northeast Tennessee. Our mission is to make disciples for Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Upcoming Events

15th Annual Auction & BBQ
Saturday, October 17
12:30 - 4:30 pm
District Clergy Meeting
Tuesday, October 29
10:00 am and 6:00 pm
Charge Conference Cluster 1
Sunday, October 25
3:00 pm
Charge Conference Cluster 2
Sunday, November 1
3:00 pm

Lay Servant Training

Saturday, November 7

8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Cokesbury - Johnson City

More Info


Charge Conference Cluster 3

Sunday, November 8

3:00 pm


Festival of Gifts and Talents
Sunday, November 8
6:00 pm
Charge Conference Cluster 4
Sunday, November 15
3:00 pm





 Charge Conference 2015


Last year, we began making changes in our charge conference process.  Many expressed excitement that our charge conferences had more of a feeling of John Wesley's concept of Holy Conferencing. 


As a result of our time together at last year's charge conferences, we offered specific classes throughout the district and in the region based on requests we heard from you.  One request that showed up over and over was a desire to learn how to be better hosts and practice hospitality more vigorously.  Another concept we wanted to offer is suggested for churches that expect to remain small, but desire to be strategic in how they intend to create community. We decided to incorporate training in these areas into our charge conferences this year.   


Your pastors have signed up their churches for one of four times together:

1)      October 25 at Boone's Creek UMC at 3:00, Patty Muse will conduct a workshop on being a "Strategically Small but Vital Church".

2)     November 1, at Munsey Memorial UMC at 3:00 we have leaders from Munsey talking about how they have organized their hospitality ministry.  They do a great job of making people feel welcome.

3)     November 8, at the new Cokesbury JC (formerly Cherokee) at 3:00, we will have Stephen DeFur who is the Senior Pastor at Cokesbury in Knoxville leading us in their vision for hospitality ministry. 

4)     November 15, at Wesley Memorial at 3:00, we will have Will Shewey who is the pastor of Shades of Grace UMC in Kingsport leading us in how they practice hospitality in the midst of a largely homeless congregation.


Download the schedule to learn which session you should attend.


In order to conduct all of our business in a timely fashion, we are asking for a few things:


First: We are asking for pastors and their lay leaders to come up with a presentation that does not exceed two minutes that lets all the other churches gathered know what is special about your church or churches.  What do you feel like the district needs to know about your church or circuit?


Second:  We are requesting that you will have had an administrative council meeting atleastoneweekprior to your requested charge conference date to confirm any items that will need charge conference action. (ex. Report on lay leadership, Pastor's Support Worksheet, Recommendations for Lay Servants and Candidates for ministry, and Housing Allowance Resolutions.)


Third:  Pastors are expected to turn in all charge conference information at least one week prior to their charge conferences. 


Fourth:  We are asking pastors to make sure there are representatives from all of your churches at charge conference.  We cannot do all our business if you have a church that is not represented. 


Finally:  We hope that you will really encourage everyone in your congregation that you feel would really benefit from receiving training from this great roster of leaders to attend this event.  We are very excited about this extremely gifted group of people.


Download CC Forms